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Windows Non-BMN Unicode filter avoids useless crashes of Pidgin on Windows caused by non-BMN unicode characters.If you think this is a security flaw, it’s not. It seems that only very special non-BIMP unicode characters crash Pidgin. The Win32 Non-BMN Filter Free Download detects all these characters, replaces them with safe character and avoids crashes.Installation:1. Go to Start -> Run and type %appdata% -> Pidgin and press Enter.2. Delete Pidgin.3. Uninstall Pidgin from Windows.Note:1. Please follow the Installation and Uninstallation instructions for the Beta version of Win32 Non-BMP Filter for Windows2. Win32 Non-BMN Filter app for Pidgin 1.7.10 Beta can replace the existing Unicode filter by Pidgin 2.2.0 “Win32 Non-BMN Unicode Filter”. The updated app is available at the following address:If you do not want Win32 Non-BMN Filter app to replace existing Unicode filter in Pidgin. Delete all following directories from your Pidgin directory: data, plugins, plugins/pidgin, share.Basic Non-BMP Unicode Filter for Pidgin 1.7.10 Beta prevents you from sending a Pidgin message with non-BMP characters. The filter is created on all your Pidgin installations with the same name:“\Pidgin\data\plugins\plugins\pidgin\share\plugins\Non-BMP Unicode Filter”You can always disable this filter and make your conversations more crash-free:1. Open the plugin manager of Pidgin and disable Non-BMP Unicode Filter.2. Start Pidgin and enjoy your conversations without worries of crashes caused by non-BMP unicode characters.This filter uses NON-BMP unicode characters as predefined and may not work well with all the text editors like Notepad, for example.If you want to use this filter it is preferable to avoid constant crashes in Pidgin and Windows has to switch the script off.Win32 Non-BMN Unicode Filter for Windows together with Win32 Non-BMP Unicode Filter for Windows is a safety measure against all crashes occurring 08929e5ed8


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